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Do you avoid certain places on your property because bees and wasps have taken up residence there? Tell them to “buzz off” by using Green-Tech Pest Control for bee and wasp control in Tampa Bay, FL. Our professionals effectively, yet humanely, relocate these stinging insects that have colonized on your residential or commercial property. Armed with the right products and equipment, we remove these pests so you never need to worry about getting stung again.

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If you don’t remove the nest, the bees will return. In order to do it correctly, it’s going to take more than insect spray to discourage them from returning. Once bees build a hive on your property, it’s important to hire a professional for reliable bee removal. In fact, improper removal of a nest can sometimes make them angry. Once upset, they can fly hundreds of yards away from the hive to sting anyone who seems to be a threat. Rely on our skilled team to do it the safe way for you.

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Chances are likely that you do not enjoy studying insects like an entomologist. Most people do not. In fact, you’d rather not be bugged by bugs! If you have a wasp hive somewhere on your building or on your property, it can be dangerous for you. For reliable and safe wasp control, depend on our team. We make sure you don’t have to worry about getting stung.


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