Spider Identification

What are spiders?

Spiders are a type of arachnid. Arachnids all have similar characteristics, including eight legs and two body regions (a cephalothorax and an abdomen).

a spider on the floor

A spider's cephalothorax contains the eyes, mouthparts, legs, and stomach. The abdomen includes the respiratory system, reproductive structures, silk glands, and spinnerets.

Other physical features that spiders share include having many eyes, fang-like mouthparts to inject their venom into their prey, and all lack wings and antennae.

We have many different types of spiders living and breeding in our region. Below is a list of the most common species that people run into either in their yards or homes.

  • Crab spider

  • Cellar spider

  • Domestic house spider

  • Funnel-web spider

  • Garden spider

  • Ground spider

  • Shiny-black orb weaver spider

  • House spider

  • Jumping spider

  • Hobo spider

  • Wolf spider

  • Tarantula

Are spiders dangerous?

In addition to using their venom to paralyze and capture prey, they also use it to ward off danger. If a spider feels threatened, is being directly handled, or is being squished, it will retaliate by biting and injecting venom into the threat.

Luckily most of the spiders we come across have venom only strong enough to affect their insect prey. However, being bitten by a spider is never a pleasant experience, and a red welt that may become infected is left behind. 

Spiders are viewed as helpful pests when living outside away from people. Their feeding habits help to reduce populations of dangerous and destructive insects. However, when they take over our outdoor spaces or move into our indoor spaces, they and their unsightly webs are unwanted, and you need to take steps to remove them.

Why do I have a spider problem?

The truth is that Florida and its tropical climate is a place where spiders thrive. Spiders will invade any Florida yard, park, beach, or other outdoor space. Like other living creatures, spiders require only a few things to survive — a suitable habitat, access to food, and a reliable water source. Most Florida yards can meet all three of their basic needs. 

They will spin their webs or burrows in our yards, gardens, or homes, they will feed on the insects that also call our properties their own, and they will take advantage of any standing water they discover due to things like leaking pipes, low lying areas, or clogged gutters.

Where will I find spiders?

Spiders can make either our yards or the inside of our houses into their home.

Spiders are predators, so the biggest reason they are in any indoor or outdoor space is that there is prey for them to hunt. Following their insect prey is the most common way these pests find their way into a home.

Spiders move inside through small cracks and crevices in a structure's exterior. Once inside, if there is moisture, insects, and dark, quiet hiding spots available, they tend to stick around.

Inside, you'll find spiders under furniture, in the corners of windows and doors, in closets, crawl spaces, attics, and roof eaves. They also regularly live around light fixtures and in bathrooms and kitchens around pipes. 

Things that will draw spiders and the prey they hunt into our yards are gardens, tall grass, overgrown landscaping, and flowering plants and trees. Trash receptacles, recycling bins, and outdoor eating areas are additional places where insects and hungry spiders gather.

How do I get rid of spiders?

Here at Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control, we are a family-owned and operated pest control company that has protected people and properties in the Tampa Bay area from pests since 1980.

We offer quality, affordable pest control services that home and business owners can trust! We are a full-service, customer-oriented company dedicated to making sure the pest control services we perform are effective and eco-friendly. 

To learn more about the various spiders that call our area home and how we can work together to get rid of them through our effective spider control services, reach out to the professionals at Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control today!

How can I prevent spiders in the future?

Remove spiders from your property with the help of our professionals and the following prevention tips.

  • Fill in areas on your property that allow puddles to develop and clear out clogged gutters; standing water attracts spiders and the insects they like to feed on.

  • Place locking lids on trash cans and recycling bins to keep insects out and prevent spiders from gathering around them. 

  • Keep your grass cut short.

  • Seal holes in the foundation, exterior walls, roofline of your home to keep spiders out.

  • Seal spaces around exterior lights, vents, windows, and doors.

  • Leave a distance between bushes and shrubs and your home's exterior.

  • Regularly vacuum floors and dust to remove spiders and their webs from your home.

  • Remove clutter from inside your home and out in your yard to limit areas on your property where spiders can hide.

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